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At Pick-n-Pull, we pride ourselves on offering high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts at excellent prices.

We have eliminated the stress of negotiating prices by posting prices both online and in the store. Our parts (i.e., engines, radiators, axles, etc) have prices that reflect how we sell parts as either individual parts or assemblies. In some cases, a part may have different prices if it is for a car or for a pick-up / van. Be sure to select the location you plan to visit, in order to view the proper pricing.

All prices include a 30 Day Free Exchange — if the part doesn't work, goes bad or is the wrong size, you can exchange it for another part. Parts disassembled after purchase cannot be exchanged or returned.

Some parts have a Core Deposit that you pay until you return your old part. If you supply the old part at time of purchase, you don't have to pay this amount. Otherwise, simply return to the store with your old part within your warranty period and this amount will be refunded to you.

Prices do not include sales tax (where applicable) or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice. Some part prices may vary from our price list if they are brand new parts, pre-pulled from the vehicle, and/or if they are of superior quality or limited availability.

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Item #DescriptionTypePriceCore
288T-Top (Each)Car$53.99$0.00
166-2CTaillight Assy (Like New)Car$24.99$0.00
166-2BTaillight Assy (Lrg)Car$19.99$0.00
166-2ATaillight Assy (Sml)Car$14.99$0.00
167Taillight Bulb PanelCar$11.99$0.00
166-1CTaillight Lens (Like New)Car$20.99$0.00
166-1BTaillight Lens (Lrg)Car$12.99$0.00
166-1ATaillight Lens (Sml)Car$8.99$0.00
750Tee ShirtCar$6.99$0.00
686-1Thermostat HousingCar$5.39$0.00
415-1Throw Out BearingCar$11.99$0.00
415-2Throw Out ForkCar$19.39$0.00
503-2Tie Rod Assy (Each)Car$17.99$0.00
503-1Tie Rod EndCar$9.99$0.00
315Timing ChainCar$11.99$0.00
316Timing GearCar$11.99$0.00
308Timing Gear Cover (All)Car$17.99$0.00
585-1Tire 12"Car$13.00$0.00
585-8Tire 12" - RackedCar$15.00$0.00
585-2Tire 13"Car$14.00$0.00
585-9Tire 13" - RackedCar$16.00$0.00
585-3Tire 14"Car$16.00$0.00
585-10Tire 14" - RackedCar$18.00$0.00
585-4Tire 15"Car$17.00$0.00
585-11Tire 15" - RackedCar$19.00$0.00
585-5Tire 16"Car$18.00$0.00
585-12Tire 16" - RackedCar$21.00$0.00
585-6Tire 17" And UpCar$20.00$0.00
585-13Tire 17" Up - RackedCar$23.00$0.00
755-1Tire Chains (Cable)Car$10.99$0.00
755Tire Chains (Non Cable)Car$9.99$0.00
585-7Tire Inflatable SpareCar$15.00$0.00
707Tool Boxes /P.U.Pick-Up/Van$74.99$0.00
794Tools - Test Program(Kc)Car$11.99$0.00
152Top Steel - Roof CutCar$84.99$5.99
365-1Top-Convertible (No Rams)Car$130.69$0.00
634Top-Convertible MotorCar$62.99$4.99
365-2Top-Convertible Rams EaCar$37.99$0.00
407Torque ConverterCar$28.99$4.99
521Torsion BarCar$21.59$0.00
142-1Trailer Hitch BallCar$5.99$0.00
142-2Trailer Hitch W/O BallCar$26.99$0.00
507-1Trailing ArmCar$22.99$0.00
347-1Tran Cros Membr-Up To 18InCar$21.59$0.99
405-5Trans Cooling Lines (Ea)Car$7.59$0.00
347-2Trans Cros Membr-Ovr 18InCar$26.99$0.99
405-3Trans DipstickCar$6.49$0.00
405-4Trans Filler TubeCar$6.49$0.00
242-1Trans Floor ShifterCar$26.99$0.00
420Trans Floor Shifter CableCar$21.59$0.00
405-6Trans Kick-Down LinkageCar$11.89$0.00
402-1Trans MountCar$12.99$0.00
242-2Trans Shifter ArmCar$6.99$0.00
242-3Trans Shifter BootCar$5.99$0.00
242-4Trans Shifter Collar-ClmnCar$14.99$0.00
242-5Trans Shifter ConsoleCar$10.99$0.00
242-6Trans Shifter KnobCar$3.99$0.00
405-2Trans Tail HousingCar$26.99$1.99
405-1Trans Valve Body AssemblyCar$50.99$4.99
400-4Transaxle (Automatic)Car$99.99$29.99
400-3Transaxle (Standard)Car$99.99$29.99
624Transducer(Cruise Control)Car$23.99$0.99
412Transfer Case 4X4Car$144.99$14.99
425Transmission Cover/ShieldCar$11.89$0.00
400-2Transmission Rwd (Auto)Car$99.99$29.99
400-1Transmission Rwd (Std)Car$99.99$29.99
405-7Transmission Solenoid PackCar$20.99$1.99