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Item #DescriptionPriceCore Deposit
681-4A/C Changeover (Convert)$105.99$0.00
684A/C Clutch$19.99$3.99
682-1A/C Compressor (All)$32.99$8.99
679A/C Condenser$24.99$4.99
683-2A/C Double Hose$20.49$0.00
681-3A/C Dryer$14.99$1.99
681-2A/C Duct$5.39$0.00
680A/C Evaporator$19.99$4.99
683-1A/C Single Hose$12.99$0.00
681-1A/C Suitcase Housing$21.59$0.00
332-1AAftermkt Exhst Or T-Pipe$9.99$0.00
332-2AAftermkt Exhst Pipe/Ypipe$14.99$0.00
328-3AAftermkt Muff &Exhst Pipe$20.99$0.00
253Air Bag (Each)$36.99$0.00
319-1Air Cleaner$14.59$0.00
319-3Air Cleaner Filter$2.99$0.00
319-2Air Cleaner Top$7.59$0.00
522Air Compressor(Air Susp'N)$24.99$4.99
523Air Suspension Control Mod$49.99$0.00
639Amplifier / Eq - Audio$29.99$0.00
645-2Antenna (Manual)$4.29$0.00
645-3Antenna (Power)$18.39$0.99
645-1Antenna (Screw On Manl Typ)$2.19$0.00
799Any Hats$6.99$0.00
200-1Ash Tray$5.39$0.00
490-3Axle C.V. Compl W/Hub/Spin$65.99$4.99
490-1Axle C.V. Stub (Joint)$23.99$1.99
490-2Axle C.V. Type (Fwd)$26.99$4.99
434-1Axle Ft Assy Compl 4X4 Pu$199.99$29.99
434-2Axle Ft Assy W/Ohubs/Drm4X4$119.99$19.99
447-1Axle Shaft (Solid Type)$25.99$2.99
447-2Axle Shaft - 4X4$39.99$3.99
476PAxle Truck Strt (Bare) P/U$49.99$4.99

These prices reflect how we sell vehicle parts – as either individual parts or assemblies. In some cases, a part may have a different price if it is for a car, truck or van. Pick the location near you to see the pricing for that store.

Prices do not include sales tax (where applicable) or environmental fees. Prices are subject to change without notice. Some part prices may vary from our price list if they are brand new parts, pre-pulled from the vehicle, and/or if they are of superior quality or limited availability.

30 Day Exchange Details: Parts disassembled after purchase cannot be exchanged or returned. Some parts have a Core Deposit that you pay until you return your old part. If you supply the old part at time of purchase, you don't have to pay this amount. Otherwise, simply return to the store with your old part within your warranty period and this amount will be refunded to you.

12 Month WarrantyPLUS Details: The 12-Month WarrantyPLUS protects your automotive part for a full 12 months beyond the FREE 30-Day Exchange period and starts after our basic 30-Day exchange time frame. If your part fails to perform properly we will gladly exchange the part without additional charge during the 12 months the part is covered under the warranty. Parts disassembled after purchase will not be exchanged or returned. WarrantyPLUS only applies to Parts Replacement and does not apply to any labor costs you may have experienced. If a replacement part cannot be supplied, a Store Credit for the base part price will be issued to the original purchaser only. It's easy to purchase a 12-Month WarrantyPLUS - simply add 30% to the cost of your part to get 12 months of WarrantyPLUS protection. Warranties are limited to the original parts purchased and cannot be used for any other part. All used auto parts purchased are subject to terms and conditions of our basic 30-Day exchange policy. WarrantyPLUS is available on select parts only (see WarrantyPLUS page for details). Return your core on a WarrantyPLUS item anytime during the warranty period for a refund.

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