Part Pricing

At Pick-n-Pull, we pride ourselves on offering high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts at excellent prices.

We have eliminated the stress of negotiating prices by posting prices both online and in the store. Our parts (i.e., engines, radiators, axles, etc) have prices that reflect how we sell parts as either individual parts or assemblies. In some cases, a part may have different prices if it is for a car or for a pick-up / van. Be sure to select the location you plan to visit, in order to view the proper pricing.

All prices include a 30 Day Free Exchange — if the part doesn't work, goes bad or is the wrong size, you can exchange it for another part. Parts disassembled after purchase cannot be exchanged or returned.

Some parts have a Core Deposit that you pay until you return your old part. If you supply the old part at time of purchase, you don't have to pay this amount. Otherwise, simply return to the store with your old part within your warranty period and this amount will be refunded to you.

Prices do not include sales tax (where applicable) or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice. Some part prices may vary from our price list if they are brand new parts, pre-pulled from the vehicle, and/or if they are of superior quality or limited availability.

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Item #DescriptionTypePriceCore
681-4A/C Chngeovr(All To Convert ToCar$129.99$0.00
684A/C ClutchCar$30.99$3.99
682-1A/C Compressor (All)Car$39.99$8.99
679A/C CondenserCar$32.99$4.99
683-2A/C Double HoseCar$23.99$0.00
681-3A/C DryerCar$10.99$1.99
681-2A/C DuctCar$5.99$0.00
680A/C EvaporatorCar$26.99$4.99
683-1A/C Single HoseCar$13.99$0.00
681-1A/C Suitcase HousingCar$19.99$0.00
332-1AAftermkt Exhaust Or TailpipeCar$13.99$0.00
332-2AAftermkt Exhaust Pipe - Y PipeCar$17.99$0.00
328-3AAftermkt Muff & Exhst PipeCar$34.99$0.00
253Air Bag (Each)Car$44.99$0.00
319-1Air CleanerCar$18.99$0.00
319-3Air Cleaner FilterCar$3.99$0.00
319-2Air Cleaner TopCar$11.99$0.00
522Air Compressor (Air SuspensionCar$38.99$4.99
523Air Suspensn Contrl ModuleCar$49.99$0.00
639Amplifier /Eq - AudioCar$39.99$0.00
645-2Antenna (Manual)Car$5.99$0.00
645-3Antenna (Power)Car$24.99$0.99
645-1Antenna (Screw On Manual Type)Car$4.99$0.00
799Any HatsCar$6.99$0.00
200-1Ash TrayCar$5.99$0.00
490-1Axle C.V. Stub (Joint)Car$25.99$1.99
490-2Axle C.V. Type (Fwd)Car$29.99$4.99
490-3Axle C.V. Type Comp W/Hub/SpinCar$66.99$4.99
434-1Axle Ft Assy Complete 4X4 P/U-Pick-Up/Van$259.99$29.99
434-2Axle Ft Assy W/Ohubs/Drums4X4PPick-Up/Van$185.99$19.99
447-1Axle Shaft (Solid Type)Car$36.99$2.99
447-2Axle Shaft - 4X4Pick-Up/Van$37.99$3.99
476PAxle Truck Straight (Bare) P/UPick-Up/Van$54.99$4.99