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Donate Vehicle

Pick-n-Pull's vehicle donation program is an easy way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle while helping the charity or cause of your choice and possibly qualifying for a tax deduction!

We welcome all makes and models of vehicles, domestic and foreign, even if they are not running or won't pass emissions tests! For added convenience, we can even arrange for free towing. Please note that this program does not accept trailers, RV's, motor homes, motorcycles or boats.

It's easier than writing a check!

Pick n Pull works with most major charities and many local charities supporting your community. You control where the proceeds from your car go. When you donate your car through Pick n Pull, 100% of the proceeds go to the charity you choose and in return, you receive any possible tax benefits from this donation and the satisfaction of supporting the charity of your choice. It's easy and we do all the title transfer paperwork!

So whether you're looking to get an eyesore off your property or have a vehicle that isn't worth the repairs, let Pick-n-Pull help you help your community. We offer quick response and pick up, while giving you peace of mind that you're helping one of your favorite charities or supporting a cause.

Pick-n-Pull Vehicle Donations
By Phone 866-483-9516
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific
Online Donate Vehicle Now
Open 24 hours, 365 days per year

How It Works

Here are four simple steps to help the charity of your choice and get a possible tax deduction from the donation of your junk car:


You submit your request online or via phone at 866-483-9516. During this step, you will select the charity to receive your donation.


Within one business day, we will contact you by e-mail to finalize the donation of your vehicle and collect any additional information needed to complete the process.


You drop off the vehicle at your nearby Pick-n-Pull store, or if your vehicle is located in one of our towing areas, we can arrange to have the vehicle towed to our facility.


You receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your vehicle from Pick-n-Pull showing your donation. Your vehicle is put to good use and the charity of your choice receives the proceeds of your donation. Within 30 days, you receive an acknowledgement letter from the charity and any tax related documents.

Your donation may reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill. Not everyone will be able to deduct their charitable contributions, however. Please see IRS Publication 4303 or consult with a tax professional for more information.

Why Should I Donate My Vehicle?

  • Get an unused, unwanted vehicle off your property.
  • Support a specific charity or cause, help people in need — your donation can make a difference!
  • You may qualify for an income tax deduction based on the value of your donated vehicle.
  • It is much faster and more convenient than selling your vehicle.
  • It is more rewarding than trading in your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle will be put to good use.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is recycled responsibly.

Why Should I Donate My Vehicle Through Pick-n-Pull?

  • Your charity will receive a fair price based on current scrap value for your vehicle and there is never a charge for our services to either you or your charity.
  • You get to choose the charity that receives the donation.
  • We make the process easy for you and your charity - we take care of all the title transfer paperwork.
  • Your vehicle will be put to good use in an environmentally friendly way:
    • Our environmentally-friendly process removes and recycles all vehicle fluids and hazardous materials.
    • The parts from your vehicle will be made available to our parts customers for re-use.
    • Remaining scrap metal will be used to create new steel and other products.
    • By recycling vehicles, we all help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials which in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.
    • We have won national awards for responsibly recycling automobiles and protecting the environment.
  • If you're dropping off your vehicle, you can shop for parts while you're here!