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Pick-n-Pull - Dallas South Central
8835 S Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75241 US


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Item #DescriptionPriceCore Deposit
681-4A/C Changeover (Convert)$149.99$0.00
684A/C Clutch$25.99$3.99
682-1A/C Compressor (All)$44.99$8.99
679A/C Condenser$32.99$4.99
683-2A/C Double Hose$25.99$0.00
681-3A/C Dryer$9.99$1.99
681-2A/C Duct$7.49$0.00
680A/C Evaporator$32.99$4.99
683-1A/C Single Hose$14.49$0.00
681-1A/C Suitcase Housing$24.99$0.00
332-1AAftermkt Exhst Or T-Pipe$11.49$0.00
332-2AAftermkt Exhst Pipe/Ypipe$13.99$0.00
328-3AAftermkt Muff &Exhst Pipe$27.99$0.00
253Air Bag (Each)$44.99$0.00
319-1Air Cleaner$14.49$0.00
319-3Air Cleaner Filter$1.99$0.00
319-2Air Cleaner Top$6.99$0.00
522Air Compressor(Air Susp'N)$37.99$4.99
523Air Suspension Control Mod$52.99$0.00
639Amplifier / Eq - Audio$32.99$0.00
645-2Antenna (Manual)$6.99$0.00
645-3Antenna (Power)$27.99$0.99
645-1Antenna (Screw On Manl Typ)$3.69$0.00
799Any Hats$6.99$0.00
200-1Ash Tray$5.99$0.00
490-3Axle C.V. Compl W/Hub/Spin$69.99$4.99
490-1Axle C.V. Stub (Joint)$22.99$1.99
490-2Axle C.V. Type (Fwd)$29.99$4.99
434-1Axle Ft Assy Compl 4X4 Pu$199.99$29.99
434-2Axle Ft Assy W/Ohubs/Drm4X4$156.99$19.99
447-1Axle Shaft (Solid Type)$37.99$2.99
447-2Axle Shaft - 4X4$42.99$3.99
476PAxle Truck Strt (Bare) P/U$52.99$4.99
506-2Ball Joint$1.99$0.00
600-2Battery (Refreshed)$40.99$12.99
600-1Battery (Used)$39.99$12.99
600-3Battery Box$11.99$0.00
600-4Battery Cable$3.69$0.00
600-5Battery Hybrid/Electrical$153.99$29.99
580-1Beauty Ring$4.99$0.00
155-2BBed Liner (Large)$42.99$0.00
155-2CBed Liner (Like New)$57.99$0.00
155-2ABed Liner (Small)$32.99$0.00
408Bell Housing$37.99$3.99
342-1BBracket - Over 4In To 8In$8.99$0.00
342-1CBracket - Over 8In$14.99$0.00
342-1ABracket - Up To 4In$4.99$0.00
545-1Brake Abs Controller$79.99$4.99
543Brake Backing Plate$11.49$0.99
536Brake Caliper$12.99$2.99
533-1Brake Drum W/Hub$17.99$1.99
533-1PBrake Drum W/Hub$24.99$1.99
533-2Brake Drum W/O Hub$13.99$1.99
533-2PBrake Drum W/O Hub$17.99$2.99
534-1Brake Emergency Cable$18.99$0.00
534-2Brake Emergency Cbl+Ped/Hnd$28.99$0.00
166-3Brake Light(3Rd Hi Mount)$15.99$0.00
534-3Brake Line Or Hose$6.99$0.00
541-2Brake Master Cyl &Booster$32.99$3.99
541-1Brake Master Cylinder$19.99$2.99
541-3Brake Power Or Hydro Boostr$25.99$2.99
535-1Brake Proportioning Valve$13.49$0.00
530-1Brake Rotor W/Hub$13.99$2.99
530-1PBrake Rotor W/Hub$24.99$2.99
530-2Brake Rotor W/O Hub$9.99$2.99
530-2PBrake Rotor W/O Hub$19.99$2.99
542Brake Shoe Or Pad (Each)$1.49$0.00
528-1Brake Spring/Hardware(Ea)$1.49$0.00
528-2Brake Wheel Cylinder$5.99$0.99
148-2PBrush Guard$32.99$0.00
148-2CBrush Guard Chrome$35.99$0.00
148-4Bug Shield - Hood$11.99$0.00
114-7Bulb-(Misc Types) Each$0.99$0.00
114-8Bulb-Headlt (Sealed Beam)$4.29$0.00
114-9Bulb-Headlt Compst Type$4.99$0.00
108Bumper Absorber$11.49$0.00
106-3Bumper Bracket$4.99$0.00
105-1Bumper Comp (No Absorbers)$45.99$4.99
105-1PBumper Comp (No Absorbers)$49.99$4.99
190Bumper Cover (Plast/Rubr)$36.99$4.99
106-2Bumper End/Valance$6.99$0.00
106-1Bumper Guard$11.49$0.00
107Bumper Reinfrcmt-All Type$24.99$3.99
506-8Bushing-Large Over 1"Od-Ea$3.19$0.00
506-7Bushing-Small Up To 1”Od-Ea$1.99$0.00
155-3BCamper/Canopy Shell (Lrg)$149.99$0.00
155-3ACamper/Canopy Shell (Sml)$85.99$0.00
155-3CCamper/Cnpy Shell(Lk New)$213.99$0.00
305-1Camshaft (Bare)$25.99$1.99
305-2Camshaft Overhd Type Assy$37.99$1.99
178Caps (Oil/Gas/Water)$1.49$0.00
320-8Carb - High Perf$62.99$4.99
337Carb Fuel Inj/Thrtl Bdy$40.99$4.99
234-2Carb Throttle Cable/Link$14.49$0.00
320-3Carburetor 1 Barrel$26.99$4.99
320-2Carburetor 2 Barrel$36.99$4.99
320-1Carburetor 4 Barrel$45.99$4.99
148-3PCargo Net$7.99$0.00
222Carpet Large (Over 3 Ft)$14.49$0.00
223Carpet Small (Under 3 Ft)$8.49$0.00
639-4Cd Cassette Sleeve (Ea)$1.99$0.00
639-2Cd Changer Complete$42.99$0.00
639-3Cd Changer Magazine$9.99$0.00
580-2Center Cap$4.29$0.00
200-2Cigarette Lighter$2.29$0.00
256Clock/ Small Gauges Each$9.49$0.00
406-1Clutch Cable$21.99$0.00
406Clutch Cover (Pressr Plt)$17.99$0.99
410Clutch Disc$17.99$0.99
406-2Clutch Equalizer Arm$22.99$0.00
417Clutch Master Cylinder$19.99$0.99
418Clutch Slave Cylinder$21.99$0.99
610-1Coil Ignition$9.99$0.00
610-2Coil Ignition Pack(Combo)$34.99$0.00
610-4Coil Over Plug$8.99$0.00
610-3Coil W/Ignitor Comb(Single)$24.99$0.00
319-5Cold Air Intake$15.99$0.00
590Computer Brain Box$39.99$4.99
241-2Console Cover$9.49$0.00
241-3Console Large(>16In Long)$28.99$0.00
241-1Console Small(Up To 16In)$19.99$0.00
506-1Control Arm (Each)$25.99$1.99
591Control Module$19.99$3.99
109-1Core Support - Unbolt$41.99$0.00
109-2Core Support-Rad/Inn St$52.99$0.00
629-5Cruise Control Lever$5.99$0.00
249Cup Holder$4.99$0.00
250Dash Assy Compl(No Radio)$87.99$0.00
252Dash Pad$29.99$0.00
174Deck Lid Hinge (Each)$11.99$0.00
181-4Deck Lid Latch (Electric)$17.99$0.00
181-3Deck Lid Latch Assy (Man)$12.99$0.00
170Deck/Trunk Lid (No Glass)$36.99$4.99
301-1Dipstick Or Tube$4.79$0.00
606-3Distributor Cap (Reg)$4.99$0.00
606-4Distributor Cap-Hei W/Coil$12.99$0.00
606-5Distributor Module$15.99$0.00
606-1Distributor Only(Point St)$19.99$4.99
606-2Distributor(Elec) W/O Cap$31.99$4.99
200-3Dome Light (Lens Only)$6.99$0.00
200-4Dome Light Assembly$13.49$0.00
225-1Door Arm Rest$7.99$0.00
120Door Assy W/Hinges(Cmplt)$54.99$4.99
120PDoor Assy W/Hinges(Cmplt)$60.99$4.99
129-1Door Handle (Outside)$7.99$0.00
124Door Hinge$11.99$0.00
181-6Door Lock Assy W/O Solend$15.99$0.99
181-7Door Lock Assy W/Solenoid$27.99$0.99
181-8Door Lock Cylinder$2.59$0.00
113-2Door Rubber$5.99$0.00
181-9Door Striker$1.69$0.00
225-2Door Trim Panel$18.99$0.00
129-2Door/Window Handle Inside$6.99$0.00
525-1Drag Link (Center Rod)$21.99$0.99
431-2Drive Shaft - 2 Piece$48.99$4.99
431-2PDrive Shaft - 2 Piece$71.99$4.99
431-3Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing$18.99$0.00
431-1Drive Shaft-1 Piece Reg$32.99$3.99
431-1PDrive Shaft-1 Piece Reg$41.99$3.99
320-4E.G.R. Carb Spacer$8.99$0.00
317-1E.G.R. Valve (Double)$25.99$0.00
317-2E.G.R. Valve (Single)$15.99$0.00
317-3Egr Tree$12.99$0.00
551-3Electric Power Assist W Motor$81.99$9.99
633-2Electronic Ignition Box$25.99$2.99
300-4Engine Complete$206.99$49.99
328-4Engine Cover-Inside (Van)$26.99$0.00
300-4DEngine Diesel Complete$286.99$49.99
300-DEngine Diesel Long Block$261.99$49.99
300-2Engine Long Block$160.99$29.99
300-1Engine Short Block$137.99$19.99
331-1Exhaust Heat Pipe$14.49$0.00
328-2Exhaust Heat Shield$11.99$0.00
332-1Exhaust Or Tailpipe$9.99$0.00
332-2Exhaust Pipe - Y Pipe$14.49$0.00
331-2Exhaust Smog Tube$14.49$0.00
326-2Fan Belt (V Type)$3.19$0.00
326-3Fan Belt(Serpentine Type)$4.99$0.00
325-2Fan Blade W/Clutch(Combo)$24.99$0.99
325-1Fan Blade W/O Clutch$9.99$0.00
326-1Fan Clutch$18.99$0.00
672-2Fan Elec Assy W/Dual Fan$37.99$1.99
672-1Fan Elec Assy W/Sngle Fan$26.99$1.99
673Fan Shroud - All$18.99$0.00
110-3Fender (Inner)$14.99$0.00
111Fender Ext/Flare (Frt/Rr)$24.99$0.00
110-2Fender Skirt$31.99$0.00
110-1Fender W/O Inner & Headlt$32.99$4.99
110-1PFender W/O Inner & Headlt$39.99$4.99
200-5Floor Mat$2.69$0.00
409-1Flywheel (All)$26.99$1.99
409-2Flywheel Cover$7.99$0.00
141Fog Lamps Each$12.99$0.00
141AFog Lamps Each Oem$13.99$0.00
500-2Frame - Full (Bare)$354.99$24.99
500-1Frame - Sub (Bare)$85.99$4.99
500-3Frame K Type/Engine Cradle$62.99$4.99
501Frame-Sub W/Susp&Strng Comp$212.99$9.99
100Front End Assy W/Rad & Bu$272.99$39.99
100PFront End Assy W/Rad & Bu$324.99$39.99
319-4Fuel Filter$4.29$0.00
370Fuel Injection Distributr$37.99$4.99
370-5Fuel Injection Spider Typ$63.99$0.00
371-1Fuel Injector (Each)$5.99$0.99
373-1Fuel Line$4.29$0.00
323-5Fuel Pressure Regulator$7.99$0.00
323-2Fuel Pump (Electric)$28.99$1.99
323-1Fuel Pump (Mechanical)$12.99$0.99
177Fuel Tank Filler Door$9.49$0.00
179Fuel Tank Filler Neck$14.49$0.00
637-1Fuel Tank Sender$28.99$0.00
637-2Fuel Tank Sender W/Pump$38.99$0.99
637-3Fuel Tank Switch Unit-Dual$7.99$0.00
197Fuel Tank(May Be Punctrd)$33.99$5.99
646-1Fuse Box (Bare)$18.99$0.00
646-3Fuse Box Cover$6.99$0.00
646-2Fuse Box With Harness$37.99$0.99
180-2Gate-Pu/Va/Sw(Upper W/Gl)$59.99$4.99
180-1Gate-Pu/Van(Lower No Gls)$52.99$4.99
180-3Gate-Stn Wagon Lower W/Gl$52.99$4.99
275-1Glass Back (Only)$35.99$0.00
277Glass Door (Bare)$28.99$0.00
284-1Glass Quarter (Car)$21.99$0.00
284-2Glass Quarter (Sw/Va/Suv)$40.99$0.00
280-1Glass Vent$18.99$0.00
280-2Glass Vent Assembly$27.99$0.00
275-2Glass Window Slidng-Pu/Va$41.99$0.00
270Glass Windshield$46.99$0.00
206-1Glove Box Door$11.99$0.00
206-2Glove Box Insert$6.99$0.00
206-3Glove Box Lock$1.09$0.00
643Glow Plug$3.69$0.00
104-3Gravel Shield - Valance$27.99$0.00
104-2Grill Metal (Bare)$29.99$1.99
104-2PGrill Metal (Bare)$34.99$1.99
104-1Grill Plastic (Bare)$24.99$0.00
104-1PGrill Plastic (Bare)$34.99$0.00
309Harmonic Balancer$25.99$0.99
172Hatch Or Hood Shock$9.49$0.00
275-3Hatch W/Glass (Car Type)$53.99$4.99
306-7Head Bolt Or Other$1.09$0.00
306-1Head - Aluminum W/ Cam$64.99$9.99
306-2Head - Aluminum W/O Cam$49.99$9.99
306-3Head - Cast Iron W/ Cam$49.99$4.99
306-4Head - Cast Iron W/O Cam$37.99$4.99
306-2DHead - Dohc W/O Cam$82.99$11.99
306-1DHead - Dohc Wth Cam$91.99$11.99
200-6Head Rest$10.99$0.00
102-1Header Panel Steel Bare$40.99$2.99
102-2Header Panel Bare Fiberglas$68.99$2.99
102-3Header Panel Comp(Mtl/Gl)$93.99$2.99
114-1Headlight Assy (Single)$16.99$0.00
114-3Headlight Assembly (Dual)$24.99$0.00
114-4Headlight Assy Dual W/Dr$36.99$0.00
630-1Headlight Bucket Or Ring$2.29$0.00
114-2CHeadlight Comp (Like New)$47.99$0.00
114-2BHeadlight Comp (Lrg)$35.99$0.00
114-2AHeadlight Comp (Sml)$17.99$0.00
630-2Headlight Door (Ea)$11.99$0.00
619Headlight Motor$28.99$0.99
114-5Headlt Assy Flipup-No Mtr$36.99$0.00
114-6Headlt Assy Single W/Door$24.99$0.00
685-1Heater Air Duct$7.99$0.00
677Heater Assembly Complete$57.99$0.00
655-1Heater Contrl Panel(Elec)$28.99$0.00
655-3Heater Control Cable$6.99$0.00
655-2Heater Control Panel(Man)$21.99$0.00
685-2Heater Control Valve$6.99$0.00
676Heater Core$17.99$4.99
685-3Heater Hose (Per Foot)$1.09$0.00
678-1Heater Housing (Inside)$21.99$0.00
678-2Heater Housing (Outside)$21.99$0.00
615Heater Motor$19.99$1.99
615-1Heater Motor And Fan$24.99$1.99
118Hood Hinge (Each)$11.99$0.00
181-1Hood Latch Assembly$14.49$0.00
117-3Hood Prop Rod$3.69$0.00
117-1Hood Release Cable$14.49$0.00
117-2Hood Scoop Bolt On$14.99$0.00
117Hood W/Out Hinges$42.99$4.99
117PHood W/Out Hinges$47.99$4.99
537Hub Locking Type 4X4 Pu/Van$31.99$1.99
538-2Hub W/Spindle Fwd$34.99$2.99
580-3Hubcap - Wire Type$4.99$0.00
609Idle Speed Motor Or Valve$28.99$0.00
510Idler Arm$17.99$0.99
371-2Injector Rail(No Injectors)$12.99$0.00
500-4Inner Structure No Susp$79.99$0.00
255-1Instr Cluster Circuit Brd$16.99$0.00
255-2Instrument Cluster Assy$29.99$0.00
254Instrument Cluster Cover$13.99$0.00
200-7Int Engine Cover (Inside)$27.99$0.00
701-1Jack (Bumper Or Frame)$4.99$0.00
701-2Jack (Hydraulic Type)$9.99$0.00
702Jumper Cables$6.99$0.00
201Kick Panel$14.49$0.00
175-1License Plate Brackt Assy$6.99$0.00
175-2License Plate Frame$1.09$0.00
180-4Lift Gate Assembly$63.99$3.99
200-8Lighter Socket$0.99$0.00
181-2Lock (Cylinder Type)$7.99$0.00
181-5Lock Solenoid$17.99$0.00
169-1Louvers Each$16.99$0.00
703Lug Wrench$3.29$0.00
148Luggage Rack$29.99$0.00
148-1Lumber Or Pipe Rack$53.99$0.00
329-5Manifold Intake-Hiperform$54.99$4.99
327-1Manifold-Exhaust V6/V8/4/6 Cyl$26.99$3.99
327-2Manifold-Exhst V6/V8/4/6Cyl$29.99$0.99
329-2Manifold-Intake 6/8 Cyl$34.99$4.99
329-4Manifold-Intake Compos$42.99$0.00
329-1Manifold-Intk 3/4Cyl Bare$25.99$3.99
128-3Mirror-Door Outside(Elec)$24.99$0.00
128-2Mirror-Door Outside(Man)$17.99$0.00
128-1Mirror-Door Outside(Reg)$13.99$0.00
128-1PMirror-Door Outside(Reg)$15.99$0.00
267Mirror-Rear View Type$4.99$0.00
267-2Mirror-Rear View W/Electr$18.99$0.00
300-5Motor Mount$11.99$0.00
113-1Moulding (Per Foot)$6.99$0.00
111-2Mud Flap (Ea)$4.99$0.00
328-3Muffler & Exhst Pipe Comb$25.99$0.00
414Oil Cooler$21.99$3.99
311Oil Pan$25.99$0.00
312Oil Pump$17.99$0.99
721Owners Manual$3.69$0.00
155-4PP/U Bed Rub Rails$9.99$0.00
155-1BP/U Bed W/O Gate (Lrg)$180.99$39.99
155-1CP/U Bed W/O Gate (Prem)$426.99$39.99
155-1AP/U Bed W/O Gate (Sml)$149.99$39.99
154-1P/U Cab Without Doors$144.99$29.99
116-1CPark/Trnlght Assy(Lk New)$17.99$0.00
116-1BPark/Turnlight Assy (Lrg)$14.99$0.00
116-1APark/Turnlight Assy (Sml)$8.99$0.00
116-2CParklight Lens (Like New)$13.99$0.00
116-2BParklight Lens (Lrg)$8.99$0.00
116-2AParklight Lens (Sml)$4.99$0.00
204-1Pedal (Brake/Clutch)$16.99$0.00
204-2Pedal Brake/Clutch Assy$28.99$0.00
234-1Pedal Gas$6.99$0.00
798Pick-N-Pull Bucket$5.99$0.00
705Pick-N-Pull License Plate Fram$1.99$0.00
304Piston And Rod$25.99$2.99
525-2Pitman Arm$17.99$0.00
600-5APower Inverter$50.99$4.99
555Power Steering Hose(Presr)$11.99$0.00
550-1Power Steering Hose-Return$4.29$0.00
553Power Steering Pump (All)$21.99$4.99
550-2Power Steering Ram$37.99$4.99
553-1Power Steering Reservoir$14.49$0.00
310-1CPulley Bare (Large)$13.99$0.00
310-1BPulley Bare (Medium)$9.99$0.00
310-1APulley Bare (Small)$6.99$0.00
310-2Pulley W/ Tension Arm$25.99$0.00
336-2Pulse Air Feeder(Chrys Typ)$37.99$0.00
313Push Rod$1.99$0.00
160Quarter Panel$108.99$4.99
161Quarter Panel Extension$27.99$0.99
160-1Quarter Panel Section$82.99$4.99
160-2Quarter Trim Panel$16.99$0.00
551-1Rack&Pinion Steering(Man)$36.99$9.99
551-2Rack&Pinion Steering(Power)$41.99$9.99
675PRadiator (W/O Shrd) Truck$50.99$10.99
675Radiator (W/O Shroud)$46.99$9.99
675-1Radiator Hose$4.99$0.00
675-2Radiator Over Flow Bottle$6.99$0.00
638-2BRadio - W/Cd (Aftermrkt)$29.99$0.00
638-2ARadio - W/Cd (Factory)$19.99$0.00
638-2CRadio - W/Cd (Hi End)$41.99$0.00
638-1ARadio - W/O Cd (Factory)$12.99$0.00
638-1CRadio - W/O Cd (Hi End)$31.99$0.00
638-1BRadio - W/O Cd(Aftermrkt)$19.99$0.00
148-5Rain Visor - Side$6.99$0.00
435-3Rear Dead Axle(Fwd)W/Brakes$86.99$9.99
435-4Rear Dead Axle(Fwd)W/O Brks$62.99$9.99
440Rear End Carrier Assembly$62.99$7.99
441-1Rear End Cvr-May Be Punctur$12.99$0.00
443Rear End Dropout 3Rd Member$85.99$4.99
443PRear End Dropout 3Rd Member$106.99$5.99
437Rear End Housing-Car Or Trk$54.99$5.99
445-1Rear End Pinion Gear$43.99$2.99
445-2Rear End Ring Gear$43.99$2.99
449-1Rear End Spider Gear (Ea)$17.99$0.99
435-2Rear End W/ Drums$98.99$14.99
435-2PRear End W/ Drums$135.99$14.99
435-1Rear End W/O Drums$86.99$14.99
435-1PRear End W/O Drums$124.99$14.99
444Rear End(Disc Brk Typ Comp)$149.99$24.99
475-1Rear Knee Assy Fwd W/O Ax$54.99$4.99
614-1Relay-5 Or Less Terminals$4.29$0.00
614-2Relay-6 Or More Terminals$9.99$0.00
307-1Rocker Arm$4.29$0.00
307-2Rocker Arm Assembly$25.99$0.00
122Running Board$24.99$0.00
210-1Seat Belt - Per Person$17.99$0.00
210-2Seat Belt Elec(Automtc)Ea$39.99$0.00
210-4Seat Belt Lock/Latch/End$8.49$0.00
210-3Seat Belt Retractor Type$17.99$0.00
232-1Seat Cover$5.99$0.00
203-3Seat Motor$22.99$0.99
232-2Seat Pedestal (Each)$11.49$0.00
203-2Seat Track Elec W/Motor (Ea)$30.99$0.00
203-1Seat Tracks (Each Seat)$11.49$0.00
202-3Seat W/Airbag$78.99$0.00
215-2ASeat-Bench Type W/Pwr Lthr$42.99$0.00
215-1Seat-Bench W/Tracks (Man)$26.99$0.00
215-2Seat-Bench W/Trks (Power)$38.99$0.00
215-1ASeat-Bench W/Trks(Man)Lthr$28.99$0.00
215-3Seat-Rear (Each Section)$16.99$0.00
215-3ASeat-Rear (Each) Leather$19.99$0.00
626-1Sender (Oil Or Water)$5.99$0.00
627-9Sensor - Abs$14.99$0.00
627-6Sensor - Crankshaft$9.99$0.00
336-1Sensor - Mass Air Flow$34.99$2.99
628-9Sensor-Airbag Bumper$13.99$0.00
627-1Sensor-Coolnt Temp/Elec Fan$5.99$0.00
627-2Sensor-Exhaust Heat$8.99$0.00
627-3Sensor-Map(Manif Abs Prs)$14.99$0.99
627-5Sensor-Tps (Throtl Post'N)$14.99$0.00
526-2Shock Absorber (Air)$16.99$0.00
526-1Shock Absorber (Regular)$9.99$0.00
526-3Shock Absorber(Spring Typ)$16.99$0.00
168Sidelight Lens$5.99$0.00
245Sill Plate$7.99$0.00
343-4Smog Canister$19.99$0.00
343-1Smog Hose (Each)$3.19$0.00
341Smog Pump-Bare(No Brckts)$25.99$4.99
343-3Smog Valve (Pcv)$3.19$0.00
343-2Smog Valve(Antibckfr/Gulp)$17.99$0.00
566-2Spare Tire Carrier$16.99$0.00
566-1Spare Tire Cover$5.99$0.00
690-1Spark Plug Or Wire (Ea)$1.49$0.00
661-1CSpeaker Each (Hi End)$16.99$0.00
661-1BSpeaker Each (Large)$7.99$0.00
661-1ASpeaker Each (Small)$4.99$0.00
661-3Speaker Grille Over 5In$4.29$0.00
661-2Speaker Grille Up To 5In$3.19$0.00
257-1Speedometer Cable$12.99$0.00
257-2Speedometer Cable W/Housg$17.99$0.00
257Speedometer Or Tachometer$16.99$0.00
169Spoilers - Bolt On (Ea)$26.99$0.00
517Spring / Coil Type$19.99$2.99
516Spring / Leaf Type$29.99$4.99
516PSpring / Leaf Type$37.99$4.99
605Starter Solenoid$5.99$0.99
238-1Steer Colmn No Tilt W/Whl$34.99$4.99
238-5Steer Colmn W/Abag No Tlt$62.99$4.99
238-6Steer Column W/Abag W/Tlt$66.99$4.99
551Steering Box W/Pitman Arm$37.99$9.99
551PSteering Box W/Pitman Arm$49.99$9.99
238-3Steering Coupler$12.99$0.00
238-4Steering Sector Shaft$12.99$0.00
235-1Steering Wheel$19.99$0.00
235-2Steering Wheel Horn Ring$11.49$0.00
238-2Steerng Column W/Tilt&Whl$40.99$4.99
495-1Strut Mcpher Assy W/O Spin$26.99$2.99
495-2Strut Mcpher Assy W/Spindl$32.99$2.99
495-3Strut Mcpher W/Spdl/Hub/Rtr$49.99$4.99
153Sun Roof Assy$46.99$0.00
153-2Sun Roof Motor$43.99$1.99
205-1Sun Visor (Regular) Each$6.99$0.00
205-2Sun Visor-Lightd Mirr Typ$8.49$0.00
524Sway Bar$28.99$1.99
629-1Switch Headlight/Wiper$14.99$0.00
633-1Switch Ignition$15.99$0.00
629-4CSwitch Misc (Large)$13.99$0.00
629-4BSwitch Misc (Medium)$8.99$0.00
629-4ASwitch Misc (Small)$4.99$0.00
629-6Switch Neutral Safety$13.99$0.00
641-2Switch Power Window(Multi)$14.99$0.00
641-1Switch Power Window(Single)$12.99$0.00
641-3Switch Seat (Power)$7.99$0.00
629-2Switch Turn Signal$19.99$0.00
629-3Switch Turn Signal Housing$17.99$0.00
288T-Top (Each)$55.99$0.00
166-2CTaillight Assy (Like New)$27.99$0.00
166-2BTaillight Assy (Lrg)$21.99$0.00
166-2ATaillight Assy (Sml)$15.99$0.00
167Taillight Bulb Panel$9.99$0.00
166-1CTaillight Lens (Like New)$24.99$0.00
166-1BTaillight Lens (Lrg)$14.49$0.00
166-1ATaillight Lens (Sml)$7.99$0.00
750Tee Shirt$6.99$0.00
686-1Thermostat Housing$5.99$0.00
415-1Throw Out Bearing$12.99$0.00
415-2Throw Out Fork$21.99$0.00
503-2Tie Rod Assy (Each)$17.99$0.00
503-1Tie Rod End$9.99$0.00
315Timing Chain$12.99$0.00
316Timing Gear$12.99$0.00
308Timing Gear Cover (All)$17.99$0.00
585-1Tire 12"$12.00$0.00
585-8Tire 12" - Racked$14.00$0.00
585-2Tire 13"$13.00$0.00
585-9Tire 13" - Racked$15.00$0.00
585-3Tire 14"$14.00$0.00
585-10Tire 14" - Racked$16.00$0.00
585-4Tire 15"$15.00$0.00
585-11Tire 15" - Racked$19.00$0.00
585-5Tire 16"$16.00$0.00
585-12Tire 16" - Racked$21.00$0.00
585-6Tire 17"$17.00$0.00
585-13Tire 17" - Racked$22.00$0.00
585-21Tire 18"$20.00$0.00
585-25Tire 18" Racked$22.00$0.00
585-22Tire 19"$21.00$0.00
585-26Tire 19" Racked$23.00$0.00
585-23Tire 20" And Up$22.00$0.00
585-27Tire 20" And Up - Racked$24.00$0.00
755-1Tire Chains (Cable)$9.99$0.00
755Tire Chains (Non Cable)$8.99$0.00
585-7Tire Inflatable Spare$12.99$0.00
707Tool Boxes /P.U.$79.99$0.00
794Tools - Test Program(Kc)$12.49$0.00
152Top Steel - Roof Cut$82.99$5.99
365-1Top-Convertible (No Rams)$134.99$0.00
634Top-Convertible Motor$62.99$4.99
365-2Top-Convertible Rams Ea$36.99$0.00
407Torque Converter$37.99$4.99
521Torsion Bar$28.99$0.00
142-1Trailer Hitch Ball$5.99$0.00
142-2Trailer Hitch W/O Ball$26.99$0.00
507-1Trailing Arm$32.99$0.00
347-1Tran Cros Membr-Up To 18In$22.99$0.99
405-5Trans Cooling Lines (Ea)$6.99$0.00
347-2Trans Cros Membr-Ovr 18In$26.99$0.99
405-3Trans Dipstick$6.99$0.00
405-4Trans Filler Tube$6.99$0.00
242-1Trans Floor Shifter$25.99$0.00
420Trans Floor Shifter Cable$21.99$0.00
405-6Trans Kick-Down Linkage$14.49$0.00
402-1Trans Mount$11.99$0.00
242-2Trans Shifter Arm$6.49$0.00
242-3Trans Shifter Boot$6.49$0.00
242-4Trans Shifter Collar-Clmn$7.49$0.00
242-5Trans Shifter Console$16.99$0.00
242-6Trans Shifter Knob$2.09$0.00
405-2Trans Tail Housing$25.99$1.99
405-1Trans Valve Body Assembly$49.99$4.99
400-4Transaxle (Automatic)$108.99$29.99
400-3Transaxle (Standard)$108.99$29.99
624Transducer(Cruise Control)$25.99$0.99
412Transfer Case 4X4$159.99$14.99
425Transmission Cover/Shield$14.99$0.00
400-2Transmission Rwd (Auto)$108.99$29.99
400-1Transmission Rwd (Std)$108.99$29.99
405-7Transmission Solenoid Pack$19.99$1.99
512-2U-Bolt Plate$6.99$0.00
340Vacuum Line (Per Foot)$1.09$0.00
372Vacuum Pump$32.99$2.99
350-2Valve Cover Aluminum$17.99$3.99
350-1Valve Cover/Pan (Steel)$12.99$0.00
123Vent Panel (Cowl) Unbolt$18.99$0.00
207Vent-A/C Heater (Inside)$4.79$0.00
602Voltage Regulator$9.99$0.00
324Water Pump$14.99$1.99
144Weatherstrip (Per Foot)$2.29$0.00
560-5Wheel & Tire Custom Set 2$159.99$0.00
560-6Wheel & Tire Custom Set 4$280.99$0.00
560-4Wheel Aluminum$19.99$0.00
560-4BWheel Aluminum (Bulk)$19.99$0.00
560-3Wheel Rally Type (Bare)$12.99$0.00
560-3BWheel Rally Type (Bare) (Bulk)$12.99$0.00
560-1Wheel-Steel 5 Lug Or Less$6.99$0.00
560-1BWheel-Steel 5 Lug Or Less(Bulk$6.99$0.00
560-2Wheel-Steel 6 Lug Or More$11.49$0.00
560-2BWheel-Steel 6 Lug Or More (Bul$11.49$0.00
617Window Motor$19.99$0.99
125-2Window Regulator W/Motor$32.99$2.99
125-1Window Regulator W/O Motor$17.99$0.00
113-3Windshield Rubber$9.49$0.00
622-3Windshield Washer Btl W/Mtr$13.49$0.00
708Windshield Washer Fluid$2.99$0.00
622-1Windshield Washer-Btl Mtr$6.49$0.00
621-1Windshield Wiper Arms Ea$3.19$0.00
621-2Windshield Wiper Linkg Assy$14.49$0.00
620Windshield Wiper Motor$25.99$0.99
622-2Windshield Wshr Btl W/O Mtr$6.99$0.00
621-3Wiper Blades$0.99$0.00
650CWire Harness No Acc (Lrg)$37.99$0.00
650BWire Harness No Acc (Med)$26.99$0.00
650AWire Harness No Acc (Sml)$13.99$0.00
648Wire Pigtail-1 To 4 Wires$3.19$0.00
649Wire Pigtail-5 Or More Wire$4.79$0.00
709Work Gloves$4.29$0.00
442-1Yoke - Drive Shaft$10.99$0.00
442-2Yoke - Rear End$11.99$0.00

Pick-n-Pull Standard Return and Exchange Policy

Parts Sales (excluding tires)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your parts purchase you may return the purchased item to any Pick-n-Pull location within thirty (30) days of the original purchase with the receipt. We will not accept parts for return or exchange without a receipt. Items can be exchanged for matching parts or returned for a store credit that can be used at any Pick-n-Pull location. With the sole exception of Core Deposits, we do not offer cash refunds for returned parts. (See Core Deposit Refund Policy below.) The returned item must be the original part purchased, properly marked with the original Pick-n-Pull marking and not disassembled. Labor to pull the replacement part from any Pick-n-Pull yard, or to install the part, is not included and is the responsibility of the purchaser. This Exchange Policy is only available to the original purchaser.

Used Tires

We have visually inspected the used tires for noticeable signs of damage or defects only. The buyer further acknowledges that any defects or deficiencies in a used tire may not be apparent or discoverable. By purchasing used tires from us, you agree to have the used tires further inspected and installed by a professional tire installer. Tires may be returned and exchanged for replacement tires only if the tires have not been driven on and you return them within three (3) days from the date of purchase.

Builder Sales and Thrift Store Sales

All sales of builders and items from the thrift store are final.

Pick-n-Pull Core Deposit Refund Policy

If you paid a Core Deposit when you purchased a part, we will provide a cash refund of the Core Deposit up to thirty (30) days from the original core item purchase date, with a receipt, as long as the original core item is returned OR you provide a matching core item. If you purchased a WarrantyPLUS extended warranty for the core item, the time limit for the refund of the Core Deposit will extend to the full warranty period.

12 Month WarrantyPLUS Details: The 12-Month WarrantyPLUS protects your automotive part for a full 12 months beyond the FREE 30-Day Exchange period and starts after our basic 30-Day exchange time frame. If your part fails to perform properly we will gladly exchange the part without additional charge during the 12 months the part is covered under the warranty. Parts disassembled after purchase will not be exchanged or returned. WarrantyPLUS only applies to Parts Replacement and does not apply to any labor costs you may have experienced. If a replacement part cannot be supplied, a Store Credit for the base part price will be issued to the original purchaser only. It's easy to purchase a 12-Month WarrantyPLUS - simply add 30% to the cost of your part to get 12 months of WarrantyPLUS protection. Warranties are limited to the original parts purchased and cannot be used for any other part. All used auto parts purchased are subject to terms and conditions of our basic 30-Day exchange policy. WarrantyPLUS is available on select parts only (see WarrantyPLUS page for details). Return your core on a WarrantyPLUS item anytime during the warranty period for a refund.

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