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Pick-n-Pull - Dallas South Central
8835 S Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75241 US


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Item #DescriptionPriceCore Deposit
326-2Fan Belt (V Type)$3.19$0.00
326-3Fan Belt(Serpentine Type)$4.99$0.00
325-2Fan Blade W/Clutch(Combo)$24.99$0.99
325-1Fan Blade W/O Clutch$9.99$0.00
326-1Fan Clutch$18.99$0.00
672-2Fan Elec Assy W/Dual Fan$37.99$1.99
672-1Fan Elec Assy W/Sngle Fan$26.99$1.99
673Fan Shroud - All$18.99$0.00
110-3Fender (Inner)$14.99$0.00
111Fender Ext/Flare (Frt/Rr)$24.99$0.00
110-2Fender Skirt$31.99$0.00
110-1Fender W/O Inner & Headlt$32.99$4.99
110-1PFender W/O Inner & Headlt$39.99$4.99
200-5Floor Mat$2.69$0.00
409-1Flywheel (All)$26.99$1.99
409-2Flywheel Cover$7.99$0.00
141Fog Lamps Each$12.99$0.00
141AFog Lamps Each Oem$13.99$0.00
500-2Frame - Full (Bare)$354.99$24.99
500-1Frame - Sub (Bare)$85.99$4.99
500-3Frame K Type/Engine Cradle$62.99$4.99
501Frame-Sub W/Susp&Strng Comp$212.99$9.99
100Front End Assy W/Rad & Bu$272.99$39.99
100PFront End Assy W/Rad & Bu$324.99$39.99
319-4Fuel Filter$4.29$0.00
370Fuel Injection Distributr$37.99$4.99
370-5Fuel Injection Spider Typ$63.99$0.00
371-1Fuel Injector (Each)$5.99$0.99
373-1Fuel Line$4.29$0.00
323-5Fuel Pressure Regulator$7.99$0.00
323-2Fuel Pump (Electric)$28.99$1.99
323-1Fuel Pump (Mechanical)$12.99$0.99
177Fuel Tank Filler Door$9.49$0.00
179Fuel Tank Filler Neck$14.49$0.00
637-1Fuel Tank Sender$28.99$0.00
637-2Fuel Tank Sender W/Pump$38.99$0.99
637-3Fuel Tank Switch Unit-Dual$7.99$0.00
197Fuel Tank(May Be Punctrd)$33.99$5.99
646-1Fuse Box (Bare)$18.99$0.00
646-3Fuse Box Cover$6.99$0.00
646-2Fuse Box With Harness$37.99$0.99

Pick-n-Pull Standard Return and Exchange Policy

Parts Sales (excluding tires)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your parts purchase you may return the purchased item to any Pick-n-Pull location within thirty (30) days of the original purchase with the receipt. We will not accept parts for return or exchange without a receipt. Items can be exchanged for matching parts or returned for a store credit that can be used at any Pick-n-Pull location. With the sole exception of Core Deposits, we do not offer cash refunds for returned parts. (See Core Deposit Refund Policy below.) The returned item must be the original part purchased, properly marked with the original Pick-n-Pull marking and not disassembled. Labor to pull the replacement part from any Pick-n-Pull yard, or to install the part, is not included and is the responsibility of the purchaser. This Exchange Policy is only available to the original purchaser.

Used Tires

We have visually inspected the used tires for noticeable signs of damage or defects only. The buyer further acknowledges that any defects or deficiencies in a used tire may not be apparent or discoverable. By purchasing used tires from us, you agree to have the used tires further inspected and installed by a professional tire installer. Tires may be returned and exchanged for replacement tires only if the tires have not been driven on and you return them within three (3) days from the date of purchase.

Builder Sales and Thrift Store Sales

All sales of builders and items from the thrift store are final.

Pick-n-Pull Core Deposit Refund Policy

If you paid a Core Deposit when you purchased a part, we will provide a cash refund of the Core Deposit up to thirty (30) days from the original core item purchase date, with a receipt, as long as the original core item is returned OR you provide a matching core item. If you purchased a WarrantyPLUS extended warranty for the core item, the time limit for the refund of the Core Deposit will extend to the full warranty period.

12 Month WarrantyPLUS Details: The 12-Month WarrantyPLUS protects your automotive part for a full 12 months beyond the FREE 30-Day Exchange period and starts after our basic 30-Day exchange time frame. If your part fails to perform properly we will gladly exchange the part without additional charge during the 12 months the part is covered under the warranty. Parts disassembled after purchase will not be exchanged or returned. WarrantyPLUS only applies to Parts Replacement and does not apply to any labor costs you may have experienced. If a replacement part cannot be supplied, a Store Credit for the base part price will be issued to the original purchaser only. It's easy to purchase a 12-Month WarrantyPLUS - simply add 30% to the cost of your part to get 12 months of WarrantyPLUS protection. Warranties are limited to the original parts purchased and cannot be used for any other part. All used auto parts purchased are subject to terms and conditions of our basic 30-Day exchange policy. WarrantyPLUS is available on select parts only (see WarrantyPLUS page for details). Return your core on a WarrantyPLUS item anytime during the warranty period for a refund.

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